Revision History (Microsoft Office ⇔ XML Converter)


2017/12/05 V1.25

Supported nested table

2017/12/11 V1.26

Supported nested table in pict element

2017/12/14 V1.27 1.28 1.29

<w:u val="single"/><w:u w:val="single"/>
Supported to insert <w:rPr><w:lang w:eastAsia="ja-JP"/></w:rPr>
Supported <fgColor theme="7" ...>, etc

2018/01/11 V1.29A

Resolved a problem that AL2 is placed before L2 in Excel

2018/03/26 V1.31

Updated to output paragraph style w:rStyle to p tag, etc

2019/04/17 V1.32

Updated to be able to add ruby element to docx file wihout ruby