Microsoft Office ⇔ XML Converter


Converts Microsoft Office documents (Open XML files) and XML files mutually.
After edit XML files, they can be restored into the original Office files. For example, you can translate MS-Office files in XML format.
This too is free. (No charge.)
There is also Windows application (paid) version to process your file in your local machine.

  Office document (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx) -> [Convert] -> XML (.xml) file -> [Edit] -> [Convert] -> Office document

The following Microsoft Office documents can be converted:

Power Point.pptx


Extract XML files from Microsoft Office (Open XML) documents

Embed back XML files to Microsoft Office (Open XML) documents

XML File Format

Generated XML files are UTF-8 encoded and include the following tags:

fileBlockTop level element
trBlockRow in table
tdBlockColumn in table
headerFooterBlockHeader or footer
entityBlockVarious entities
frameBlockImage or image group
groupBlockImage group
diagramBlockDiagram (SmartArt)
tbBlockText box
footnoteRefInline, isolate
sheetBlockExcel sheet
cellBlockExcel cell
formulaBlockExcel formula
slideBlockPowerPoint slide
noteBlockPowerPoint note
fontInline, pairVarious formats
bInline, pairBold
bCsInline, pairBold
iInline, pairItalic
iCsInline, pairItalic
uInline, pairUnderline
strikeInline, pairStrikethrough
supInline, pairSuperscript
subInline, pairSubscript
hyperlinkInline, pairHyperlink
insInline, pairInserted text of revision marking
delInline, pairDeleted text of revision marking
commentRangeStartInline, pairStart of comment area
commentRangeEndInline, pairEnd of comment area
commentReferenceInline, pairComment reference
annotationRefInline, pairAnnotation reference
rubyInline, pairPronunciation or furigana
rtInline, pairPronunciation part in ruby element
rbInline, pairOriginal characters part in ruby element
brInline, isolateReturn character
tabInline, isolateTab character
softHyphenInline, isolateHyphen (-) character
noBreakHyphenInline, isolateHyphen (-) character
symInline, isolateVarious special character
phInline, isolatePlaceholder. Sometimes it may be bound to other element such as frame, entity, footnote using tno or id attribute.
fieldInline, isolateField code
fldSimpleInline, pairField code
smartTagInline, pairSmart tag
smartTagPrInline, isolateFormat of smart tag
bdrInline, pair
moveFromInline, pair
moveToInline, pair

* Also other tags and attributes defined in Open XML may be output as tags.

About This Service

This system is developed by Tama Software Ltd. for internal use and provisionally published in August 2017. It can be used with no charge. It aims to edit Microsoft Office documents in XML format, and it can embed back the edited XML contents to the original Office documents while maintaining the original layouts.

Although there is no document that strictly defines the tags generated by this system, major tags are listed in the above table.

If you have any information or request, please send it to

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